155 Miles / 15,000'

Wildcat to Sierra Elementary
Upon leaving the Wildcat Rest Stop, CTK riders will descend for 4 miles before turning left and continuing on Watts Valley Rd. and continuing up Burroughs Valley to the Sierra School rest stop. 
Terrain: Hilly, narrow descent on backside of Wildcat, gentle 2 mile climb up to Burroughs Valley
Traffic: Light
Caution: Wildcat descent in narrow and twisty. Sporadic curb and gravel through Burroughs Valley, sometimes a loose dog. Descent to Tollhouse road is steep and twisty, ride within your limits.

Sierra Elementary to Tollhouse Water Stop 
The fun begins! Starting with a 7-mile climb up the OLD TOLLHOUSE GRADE, this climb starts off steep, gets a little easier, then just grinds on forever. Pitches up to 13%. Between gasps for breath, try to spot rock climbers on the granite outcroppings above.
Traffic: very light
Caution: Narrow road with blind corners. STAY in your lane, SINGLE FILE. Locals do not appreciate coming around corners and having to slam on the brakes to avoid cyclists weaving in the road.

Tollhouse Water Stop to Shaver Lake Rest Stop 
The last ½ mile from the water stop to HWY 168 is STEEP. C2K riders will turn right onto the highway and continue climbing along Pine Ridge to the Shaver Lake rest stop. Enjoy the scenery and shaded sections along this portion
Terrain: More climbing, 1000’ in 7 miles
Traffic: Light to moderate, watch for vehicles with trailers.
Caution: Some narrow and twisty sections, no shoulder. SINGLE FILE, STAY RIGHT

Shaver Lake Rest Stop to Big Creek Water Stop
Riders should exit the Shaver Lake rest stop from the upper parking lot, giving them a better view of traffic in both directions. Enjoy the scenic section along Shaver Lake, turn left at the end of the lake, and a short (1 mile) climb brings one to the Big Creek descent.
Terrain: Rollers out of Shaver Lake, steep, technical descent into Big Creek.
Traffic: Heavy along Shaver Lake, light on Huntington Lake Road.
Caution: Light traffic doesn’t mean no traffic, ride within your limits, stay in your lane on the descent into Big Creek. Watch for tight turns and loose gravel/sand on the road.
NOTE: Due to concerns for rider safety and road conditions, spectator vehicles are prohibited on Huntington Lake Rd. between the turn off from Hwy 168 and the Bear Cove Lunch Stop. Riders associated with a vehicle will be disqualified. 

Big Creek Water Stop to Bear Cove Lunch Stop 
Up is the only way out of Big Creek. Fill up the water bottles and tackle the challenge of the Big Creek climb – 2000’ in about 3.5 miles, average grade 10% with sections up to 20%. Once you’re at the dam, most of the hard climbing is over – on this section.

Bear Cove Lunch Stop to Kaiser Pass Rest Stop 
Enjoy lunch by the lake, rest a bit, and then continue around Huntington Lake to Kaiser Pass Road. (Riders must leave the lunch stop and begin Kaiser Pass Road by 4:00 p.m.). Turn left and begin the 7 mile climb to your ultimate destination, Kaiser Pass. The grade is gentle (5-8%) until the last two miles past the snow gate, then it gets ugly again. 
Terrain: Rollers along the lake, then a steady climb to Kaiser Pass
Traffic: Light
Caution: Kaiser Pass Road is extremely narrow at the top, road is very bumpy. Watch your speed on the descent as other riders are still climbing. Tree roots have forced up parts of the pavement on the descent, try not to become airborne.
NOTE: Our operating plan with the National Forest Service limits the number of vehicles at the rest stop. Spectator vehicles are prohibited above the snow gate, riders associated with a vehicle will be disqualified. Please help us stay within our agreement by informing your friend and family.

Kaiser Pass Rest Stop to Shaver Lake Rest Stop
After a 7 mile descent down from Kaiser Pass, turn left on Hwy. 168 for 3 short climbs along Tamarack Ridge. Nothing too long (1-2.5 miles) nor too steep (1-6%). The 7 mile descent to Shaver Lake makes it all worthwhile. 
Traffic: Light
Caution: Narrow shoulder on Hwy. 168, gravel/sand on shoulder. Watch speed on descents.

Shaver Lake Rest Stop to Pine Ridge Elementary School (Get number marked and recorded)
Fill up the bottles at Shaver Lake Rest Stop, rest a little, and hop back on the bike to enjoy more downhill as you descend the route you climbed in the morning. Make the right at the top of the 4 lane highway onto Auberry Road. Stop at Pine Ridge Elementary School Rest Stop to top off the bottles and get your number marked and recorded.
Traffic: Moderate on Hwy. 168, light on Auberry Rd.
Caution: Watch speed on descents, sand and gravel in the corners. DO NOT Descend down the 4 lane highway. If you miss the checkpoint at the school, you will be DQ’ed!

Pine Ridge Elementary School Rest Stop to Millerton Store Rest Stop 
After some “gentle” rollers along Auberry Rd. you will descend through scenic forests before making the long descent into Auberry. (WATCH THE CORNERS!) and the welcoming Valley heat. Look over your right shoulder along this stretch to catch glimpses of the high Sierra and the San Joaquin River water shed. Continue on Auberry Rd., through the quaint foothill town of Auberry, and you will rejoin the metric rider route to the Millerton Store before finishing in Clovis.
Terrain: Hilly, mostly descending with some rollers along the way.
Traffic: Moderate to heavy, especially the short stretch along Hwy. 168 before Prather
Caution: Watch the hairpin turns on the descent. Be sure to exit Hwy. 168 in Prather by staying right, heading towards Millerton Lake, ride single file, and stay right. Traffic moves very quickly along these roads. TAKE the Auberry Rd./Millerton Lake exit in Prather (bears right off of Hwy 168). DO NOT go down Morgan Canyon on Hwy. 168.

Millerton Store to Alta Sierra Middle School
Popsicles and cold towels await riders at the Millerton Store Rest Stop. More rollers await riders but the path to the finish is mostly downhill, sometimes with a tailwind, more often with a headwind. Riders must stay in the bike lane along Auberry Rd.  Follow the signs and arrows for a fast trip back to Alta Sierra Middle School.
Terrain: Rollers, mostly a gentle downhill until Crybaby Hill and the Friant-Kern canal
Traffic: Moderate to heavy.
Caution: Follow the route sheet and course marking, ride single file, and stay right.